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What gender do BTS want their babies to be?

Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin & J-Hope would probably want a girl so they can turn her into their princess.

Suga wouldn’t really mind but he may want a girl a little more than a boy.

V would probably want a girl, but I don’t think he’d mind having a girl

Jungkook I don’t think it’d matter.

How would Kyung, P.O, and Zico let a girl know that he likes her?

Kyung would probably just kind of go up to her and tell her. He may try and throw out some compliments or something to help him out.

P.O would be more shy about it and take little baby steps when he was talking to her. He’d probably try to just talk to her and eventually hinting it in the conversation.

Zico would probably try and act cool and subtle about it. I’m not saying he’d succeed, but he’d remain “calm” and just talk to her and eventually tell her.

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Would BTS if their girl had a little acne? :/

I don’t think the boys would mind, I mean it’s going to happen to most people, so it’s no big deal.

I certainly don’t think they’d say anything about it.

How young would BTS date??

Jungkook - 14 or 15

Suga & Jin - 18 (maybe 17)

Rap Monster & J-Hope - 17

Jimin - 16

V - 15

I kept most within 2 years of their age, especially for Suga and Jin since they are legal *^*

Answering questions for Block B

How old would Jungkook date?

I believe Jungkook would date a girl up to the age of maybe 24-26. I honestly think his dating age range will depend on the girl herself.

Would gd/top mind tattoos?

G-Dragon wouldn’t really mind. As you probably know, he has quite a few himself, so he’d be rather hypocritical if he had a problem with them on his girl. The only way I can see him caring is if it’s just way too much. Once you have like ten times the amount of tattoos he has, it’s too much.

T.O.P wouldn’t mind the tattoos if they were small. I see him as more of a traditional, quiet kind of guy, so if his girl did have a tattoo he’d probably want it to be in a hidden place.

How would G-Dragon react to a girl with piercings that weren't on the ear?

I think G-Dragon would definitely be the most lenient  when it comes to piercings not on the ear.

That being said, I still only think he’d accept a tongue ring, nose, eyebrow, maybe a Monroe, but I don’t think he’d be into a girl having a lot of facial piercings. If the piercing was the her belly button, I don’t think he’d mind.

( That’s kinda depressing considering I have snake bites u.u’ )


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